Multiasistencia is a multinational and independent group that provides externalization solutions (Business Process Outsourcing or “BPO”) for great corporate clients, mainly in the banking and insurance sectors.

Founded in the early 80´s, Multiasistencia specializes in management and repair of damaged multirisk home portfolios provided by insurance groups; a recurring activity linked to economic cycles. Multiasistencia is also the current leader in this business in Spain, France and Portugal.

The popularity of Multiasistencia group is due to their ability to perform these types of services with high quality at a controlled and competitive price, 25 years of experience in the business, and a great technological and innovational capacity.

Besides working with management and portfolio reparation, Multiasistencia group added other areas of the BPO business to the insurance field (safety management, selection of life risks based on health tests, management of problems related to consumer goods warranty extensions, etc.). Also, the group performs activities such as the management of their corporate clients’ databases (design, commercialization, customer loyalty marketing, and consolidation programs) and the management of the “back office” for changes in the direct debit process of a good part of the Spanish financial entities that were developed with one of the Multiasistencia group specialized branches: mga.

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