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Comprehensive treatment

Customer service solutions

Multiasistencia has developed an innovative solution based on six distinguishing elements:

• Only one agent
A single agent handles each case from the start to the end of the process, maintaining constant communication in real time with the policyholder, the repairer and the insurance company.

• Quality control
Multiasistencia undertakes a thorough quality control throughout the process with the objective of ensuring compliance with previously set standards and identifying potential points to improve the service. To do this it has a system for measuring and improving quality based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS®).

• Cost control
Scales by speciality and competitive trade, with automatic control mechanisms and central purchasing.

• Vertical integration
The integration of professionals into Multiasistencia Group’s work mechanisms, to support the strict process of managing, processing and repairing the claim, allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive, efficient service.

• Risk control
Multiasistencia keeps a watch on compliance with regard to occupational hazards and ensures maximum transparency in management. It subjects its network to approval processes to ensure the highest levels of quality in the operation.
It has a continuity plan with technical solutions that allow it to continue operating when faced with any contingency.

• Technological development
Multiasistencia has a large IT department for developing technological solutions and also collaborates with the best partners in the market. Its own software System (registered trademark) integrates all of the operations and multi access devices, which allows it to share information in real time, from any place and at any time.