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International presence

Leaders in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Brazil

The innovative and pioneering claims management model developed by Multiasistencia, based on a repair solution, which offers the policyholder a network of professionals to carry out repairs, as opposed to the traditional, mere indemnification solution, has allowed the company not only to become established in the Spanish market but also to make the leap to the international market.

Multiasistencia is a leader in outsourced claims management in the three European countries in which it operates (Spain, France, Portugal) and, since 2013, it has begun to implement its claims management model in Brazil.

Multiasistencia International presence

Since its origin in the early 80s Multiasistencia has been the company of reference in the management and repair of claims from home, business and community multi-risk insurance portfolios for insurance groups in Spain. Currently, it leads the market in outsourced claims management with a market share of 35%. (Read more)
 Multiasistencia manages more than 500,000 claims from the portfolios of insurance groups in Spain, for which it has a centre for the comprehensive treatment of claims with 800 employees and a repair network with nearly 3,000 collaborators . In addition, it complements the above with the design and management of customer loyalty schemes and services for maintaining and installing equipment in the home (boilers, air conditioners, meters, etc. ). With these complementary value-added services, Multiasistencia reaches more than 5 million people between employees and customers in sectors such as insurance, banking, utilities, etc., and carries out more than 300,000 interventions and procedures per year.


Since 1998, Multiasistencia has been the group company specialising in the management and repair of claims from home multirisk insurance portfolios for insurance groups in France. (Read more)
 The provision of claims management is complemented with a range of services for the home and individuals (emergencies in three hours, repairs, minor alterations, building work, legal information, legal advice, etc.) for sale through insurance companies, banks, pension funds, utilities, major distributors, etc. Multiassistance manages nearly 100,000 home claims, being the market leader due to its share of the outsourced solutions in France. The company has two centres for the comprehensive treatment of claims, located in Paris and Madrid, with approximately 90 employees and a network of 1,500 collaborators.


Multiasistencia operates in Portugal through a joint venture with CARES, an insurance subsidiary of the Caixa Geral Group. Cares Multiasistencia, S.A. (CMA) is the market leader in the services of managing claims from multirisk home insurance portfolios with a market share of 37%. (Read more)
 Multiasistencia provides its operational and technological know-how to ensure higher quality management and lower costs, and CARES provides the volume of claims from its customers. Cares Multiasistencia, S.A. manages 30,000 home claims and has a centre for the comprehensive treatment of claims with about 50 employees and its own network of repairers with more than 500 collaborators.


In 2015, Multiasistencia began operations in Italy after acquiring a majority stake in Alma s.r.l., an Italian company with over 25 years experience, leader in the management of the most frequent types of claims from multi-risk policies, with a significant market share. (Read more)
 The entry of Multiasistencia into the Italian market involves the successful export of its repair solution for claims management, based on specialised claims management with a strong operational and technological development, which can lead to substantial savings in the cost of house insurance claims for the insurance companies as well as a marked improvement in the quality perceived by the policy holder.


Multiasistencia began operating in Brazil in early 2013 through a joint venture with Tempo Assist, one of the leading Brazilian companies in the care sector. (Read more)
 Multiasistencia exported its specialised claims management model to a growing market. At present there are more than 40 million homes that do not have insurance, and the market is wide open for the creation of new standards for the provision of insurance, insurance cover and claims management. With a service based on quality, innovation and competitiveness, Multiasistencia is aiming to lead the claims management market as it has done in other countries, by changing from the indemnification solution to the repair solution.